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Meet Sandra

“Meet Sandra, the creative mind behind Oui Color Coloring Books.

As a passionate designer, Sandra loves to craft intricate, eye-catching designs that you’ll love to color. She founded Oui Color as a way to reinvent the limitations of having SMA and to provide a relaxing, fun, and creative outlet for all. At Oui Color, we believe in the power of art therapy and the benefits it can bring to mental health and wellness.

As one of Sandra’s magical OuiCreators, you’ll love exploring our unique collection of adult coloring books for stress relief, anxiety, mindfulness, and relaxation. Our high-quality coloring books for seniors and adults feature clean, open, and intricate designs that will inspire your creativity. Sandra takes pride in creating each image, and loves seeing them come to life with your unique coloring style.

So take a look around, and discover the therapeutic benefits of coloring with Oui Color. Shop our collection today, and join our community of OuiCreators who share a love for creativity and self-expression!”


From Sandra:

” I hope these books inspire, motivate, spark your imagination… but most of all, I want you to have fun coloring them as much as I have making them.”


Where are Sandra’s/Oui Color’s social links?

If you would like to stay in the know with Sandra or Oui Color Coloring Books on your favorite social media platform, please check out the links below. You can also share your OuiCreations by using the #OuiColor hashtag on any of the following social media platforms:

Facebook Page




Looking for a supportive, fun space to enjoy Oui Color and meet other OuiCreators?

Join the group specifically dedicated to all things Oui Color Coloring Books on Facebook: Facebook Group

Take a peek at some of the latest coloring fun in the OuiGallery from fellow OuiCreators  from the Oui Color Coloring Books group on Facebook.

How Can I Connect with Sandra Directly?

Do you have a question for “A Colorist Asked…”? Email Sandra @ OuiColor.com and write “A Colorist Asked” in the subject field.

Do you have a testimonial you’d like to share?  Email Sandra@ OuiColor.com and write “Testimonial” in the subject field.

You can also email Sandra@ OuiColor.com for any of your concerns – she’d love to hear from You.

Ready to become a OuiCreator?

Excited about coloring but not sure what to expect?  Then take a few of my pages for a test drive, absolutely FREE.   Click the image below to get started.