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Oui Color Happenings

Hello Spring!

Spring has sprung eternally with Oui Color’s Bloom: Adult Coloring Book with 30 Floral Designs to Color! Each page is packed full of flowers of every imaginable formation: mandala, boxed and full pages await your deft coloring touch to bring them to life.

This marvelous collection has 30 images printed on a single side for every skill level and is ideal for color pencils, markers and crayons alike.


Back to Basics

I’m going back to my roots, with what started it all – mandalas 💗 I love the symmetry, the balance and the calm they create, and this fourth book Lotus, in the Mandala Series DELIVERS!

Great Sale!

Get ANY Oui Color coloring book as a PDF for only $5.50 and start coloring right now!

Springtime Zen

Invite the calming effects of the ancient mandala form into your space with Zen, Sandra’s third volume in the Oui Color Mandala Series. Zen brings you 30 brand new, mindfully created designs to discover and color.

Blues Be Gone!

Winter blues setting in?  Brighten up your days the with ornate butterflies, fresh carnations, eye-popping wildflowers and luscious tulips found in Fancy Flowers & Beautiful Butterflies.  Send those blues packin’!

Freebie Fridays are Here!

No strings.  Just free coloring pages.  Click the button to get yours.

Ready for a Test Drive?

Excited about coloring but not sure what to expect?  Then take a few of my pages for a test drive, absolutely FREE.

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