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As a Oui Color EXCLUSIVE #FreebieFriday 2019 AND Magick have been lowered to prices starting at $4.58 on Amazon!

I’m practically making nothing from this sale.
So why do it?

I want to give everyone who has wanted a Oui Color coloring book an opportunity to get one.  These two are great options because you can get Magick, which shows my latest work and #Freebie Friday 2019 which showcases my work over this year literally for less than 2/$10.

Nope, I’m not crazy and here’s why:

In 2020, I want as many people as possible to know about Oui Color Coloring Books.  I’m a full-time wheelchair using, one-woman operation, designing great books for awesome people (that’s You). 

And I want the world to know. 

Your monies don’t go to a corporate entity or a pen name.  Most of your dollars (besides the portion Amazon keeps for printing) goes towards helping me buy my groceries or much needed health supplies monthly.

So every book matters, every sale counts.

Even though I’m not making very much with these low prices on these two books, this sale does help me in one important way.

Buying a book at this low price tells Amazon that You love my books, so they will show them to others who may also be interested in the types of books I make.  Which helps others find the other 16 books I have for sale.

Pretty simple.

You get books with great designs and help me out in the process.  Win win.

So buy what you can, perhaps even an extra to share and effortlessly help me and Oui Color in the process.

Let’s spread the Oui Color word in 2020!