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If you’re anything like me, the current state of things are probably giving you some anxiety. They’re giving me A LOT of anxiety. So much so that late last year (with the encouragement of my Partner), I dusted off the Oui Color files and decided to try and create a bit of a bright spot once again with my designs.

Though optimistic, it was harrowing to pick up from where I had left things two years ago.

Two years. Before I started poking around my own archives, I realized that I last published and designed anything coloring book related in 2016. I wondered: Did I still have it? Will folks still like my designs? Did they wait for me to come back or did they already move on? Was it even worth trying again?

Though I’d been away, I kept loose tabs on the coloring book world and so much had changed. So many trends and styles and authors emerged and faded. What was I doing?! Was I nuts?!

I was… but only in the way someone is nuts for spending hours working with clay or making jewelry or painting. I missed taking my ideas from a flash of inspiration to an entire published book. I missed seeing all your wonderfully colored renditions of my designs. I missed being in the hubbub of colors and lines and well… You all.

The two years I spent away were filled with difficult family issues and not a lot of bright spots. My physical house was in turmoil, my health was shaky – it was rough. In the midst of it all though, I found myself doodling or thinking of ways to come back to Oui Color.

And since I’ve ventured back? Whew, I wonder how I did the parts that were mine to do: designing, formatting, putting the books together, uploading, social media promoting. I’ve been dizzy learning and finding the familiar grooves of the dance involved in producing these books.

It’s been challenging – I won’t lie. But the other morning, as I was elbow deep in re-designs on the newest book, Love In Any Language, I thought about how rewarding it felt to be back at it again. How wonderful it felt allowing my concepts to become reality and how great it is to re-connect with old coloring fans and new ones alike.

This comeback has been small but warm and I thank those who stuck around and those who are new to the Oui Color fold. Thank You!

I have many books planned and some surprises along the way. I know we’ll have a Oui Color-filled year!